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Title: 1/13/2014 5:22:37 AM
I ordered to go and the process was super easy. You can order online, but becuase i wanted to make sure it was the right address, I called. I placed my order and picked it up 15 minutes later. It was quite a easy. I ordered three meals from the lunch special. Beef Broccoli, Chicken Broccoli and Shrimp Broccoli. Everyone was happy with their meals and the total came up to about $28. I would definitely order from them again
Title: 1/13/2014 3:28:34 AM
Ok I went here because my mother-in-law kept talking about it. So my husband and I went and the parking wasn't that great. We ended up parking across the street. Then we get in, there was no wait. I could see the kitchen and people scrambling around. We were seated very close to one another. I'm not ever a big fan of that especially because I have children. I hate hearing people's conversations also. So I order, I wasn't sure what to order. I got the mango spicy chicken, supposedly spicy, but it was not. Anyways it was incredibly saucy. Which means to me very unhealthy who knows what they put in there to make it saucy. It was way too sweet for something that was supposed to be spicy. I also got the hot and sour soup, my favorite place to get that at is at Phat Ky on 59 and wilcrest. Anyways that wasn't that great either. It didn't stand out. If I knew what was actually good and what to get maybe I would have been happier. It wasn't worth the drive. I also asked for lemonS and the server gave me one lemon. I like lemony water and so does my daughter. Lol - Kristen
Title: 1/11/2013 10:56:00 PM
I love 888 for the wonderful Chinese food they serve! This restaurant is my family's favorite! I love their Cilantro Chicken I order off their Chinese Menu as well as their shredded potatoes with jalapeños! The chicken with eggplant, the vegetable fried rice, the whole fish, the special green beans, I could go on and on... The service is wonderful! Every time my kids fly into Hobby Airport, we always make their first stop at 888 to eat!
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