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Title: 2018/3/22 19:54:21
Why does this show you close at 11 pm, but when I called at 9:45 pm you were already closed??
Title: 2018/11/30 10:35:40
i am going to make complaint to the BBB. My daughter had a 40 gift card which they said would not work because our tab was 35 and they stated we had to pay a 5 tip. we gave a 5 tip cash. they said it would not work. we went to get another card they charged 36 on the card and we came back and they charged 10 more dollars on the debit card. we paid 51 dollars for a 35 dollar meal. I think the requirment of the gift card would be considered fraudulent.
Title: 2018/10/13 21:16:43
I'm so disappointed with this place tonight. Correct your hours online! I was 10 minutes away at 10:55 when you people called to tell me you close at 11! I had to cancel my order over a 30 minute difference and a 5 minute drive! I wouldn't have ordered if I'd known you'd be closing early! 11:30 is what it says online and I know for a fact that my food that I ordered tonight was thrown away over it. You've lost my business for a few months.
Title: 2018/10/1 15:20:24
I ordered delivery at 3:33pm and had to call at 5:10 (on a Monday) to find out that my order was not even listed anywhere. What’s even more frustrating is that someone called to confirm my order at 3:38 (just a few minutes after I placed it online), so clearly you did receive the order. I would definitely like a discount off my next order if I ever place one again. Thank you Brittany and Chris
Title: 2018/1/15 12:21:49
I am writing you on behalf of Fellowship Bible Church in Pearland, Texas. I am writing you to see if you would be willing to donate to our annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction. This event is being held on Feb. 18, 2018. All proceeds fromt the dinner and auction go to our student ministries program. It helps them with purchaseing any and all things that are needed. It also helps the teens who particapte in the mutiple camps that they participate in all year, We would greatly appreciate any and all that you can do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time in email or call me at 281-779-5199
Title: 2017/11/22 1:08:59
Title: BEEF LO MEIN SAUCE2015-12-22T21:53:51
What is the sauce on the beef lo mein? I don't live close enough to eat there often but I must know what the sauce was on the beef lo mein please!
Title: Reservation at 6:30pm on 3/14(Sat)2015-02-16T13:16:17
I would like to book two rooms with round tables at 6:30pm on 3/14(Sat). The number of people will be informed in a week or so, but it will be 10 to 15.Thank you,Koji Terada
Title: 2014-05-13T14:06:08
I was just in Pensilvania and stopped for some shrimp fried rice. Mr Chang from Pittsburg, who now lives near Canonsburg, PA (owns hunann inn resturant there now) . Says hi to owner of
Title: 2/7/2012 12:22:00 AM
First thing you should know when it comes to food, I could not care less about ambience.But this place has some of the most authentic Hunan food in Houston! If you are Chinese, just speak it and have them bring you the 'secret' Chinese menu. Everyone else gets the 'American' menu. They have some of the best 'fu qi fei pian' (pinyin) that I've ever had along with a slamming Ma Po Tofu and Yu Xiang Qie Zi.For me the meal was more satifying than any restaurant in Chinatown on Bellaire!Fantastic authentic Chinese food despite the location and strangely high number of hispanic customers. I thought I was eating in a tacqueria or something! lol.
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